Blue Haven Kinsale – Wedding Anniversary Dinner Date

For our 9th wedding anniversary, we choose to eat out at Blue Haven Kinsale for two reasons. One, we always get notifications about the hotel and their sumptuous meals, and they’re very enticing. And, two, it is located in Kinsale, one of the loveliest harbours you could find in Cork that we love coming back to.

Our charming date night


Ross Castle – Killarney, Co. Kerry

Ross Castle is the first castle I have ever been to (not counting Disneyland castle in Florida). The sheer span of this imposing structure perched on a majestic site overlooking the calm waters of the lake will simply take your breath away. The sound your feet makes against the small stones scattered all around the castle grounds gives a little taste of what life would have been like back then. Much of the original structure remains unscathed and walking around the castle allows you to imagine all the merriment of those who habituated the castle long ago.

Ross Castle - Co. Kerry


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