Wedding Anniversary at Blue Haven

For our 9th wedding anniversary, we choose to eat out at Blue Haven Kinsale for two reasons. One, we always get notifications about the hotel and their sumptuous meals, and they’re very enticing. And, two, it is located in Kinsale, one of the loveliest harbours you could find in Cork that we love coming back to.

Our Charming Date Night

The 8th of August

August 8th marks our wedding anniversary, and like most couples, we do celebrate it in some special way. We don’t do over the top celebrations. A simple dinner is already enough. Last year, hubby cooked steak for dinner at home as I was heavily pregnant to go out, nonetheless, we were both happy. This is our chance to try out Blue Haven Kinsale, so we will not miss it.

Blue Haven Kinsale Seafood Restaurant

Spanish Fries

For starters, we try their Spanish fries. These are thin-sliced potatoes deep-fried, with a mix of jalapeno peppers, black olives and topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella. I love it because I am a cheese person, although, we could have wanted more cheese on top. Still, it is a delightful treat.

I don’t drink wine and it has been years since I tasted alcohol. But just for this time, I have a glass of Prosecco, an Italian white wine. I am afraid to try it because I am pretty sure I will not like the taste. Hubby tastes it first and said it is good and sweet. However, I still can’t appreciate the taste of alcohol in my mouth. He said to finish it whilst it is still cold because that is when wines taste best. As much as I want to leave half of the glass full, 7 euros is a bit pricey so I have to drink the whole lot.

Having Prosecco at Blue Haven Kinsale
Irish Hereford Beef Burger

I am having Blue Haven Hereford Beef Burger for my main. The meat is 100% Irish Hereford Beef served with smoked scarmorza cheese, sliced tomato, and rocket leaves. But, the thing that makes this burger stand out is the bun, the Waterford Blaa. The blaa is a type of bap without artificial ingredients, hence, it doesn’t travel far. And the Waterford Blaa has been granted protected status by the EU, a treasure for Ireland. I reckon their chefs make their own blaa because a 4-hour return travel to Waterford is not really economical, and the blaa would somehow be unsuitable for eating.

Irish Hereford Beef Burger
The burger with a twist. The bun is no ordinary, the bun is the Waterford Blaa.
Traditional Fish and Chips

Man-man is having the classic Blue Haven fish and chips served in crisp beer batter, with tartar sauce and mushy peas for the side. He will not go for oysters because he is saying he could have more of them in Cebu, at a much cheaper price. When he is going back to Cebu, I do not know. Still, he is enjoying his meal even though he could eat fish and chips anywhere when you’re in Ireland. 

For our desserts, we are having peanut butter and Belgian chocolate brownie cheesecake and Blue Haven signature chocolate ice cream sundae. We like the ice cream in our desserts, very smooth and just the right sweetness. We find the cheesecake a little dry, but the taste makes up for it. I love the sweet Black Forrest cherries in the sundae. Hubby is having his fix of coffee and wishes for a bigger cup for his drink, he loves his caffeine.

Our Experience in Blue Haven Kinsale

It is late in the evening and the place is packed, but a charming staff ushers us to a table in the bar and looks after us. We do not have a reservation so we have to stay in the bar, but the place is still very apt for a lovely dinner for two. Overall, the food in Blue Haven Kinsale is good and delicious, but the price is a bit dear for us. 

The scenic view of Kinsale

Kinsale Harbour

We have been to Kinsale a couple of times but didn't get the chance to capture the beauty of this place. So, after our dinner, we go strolling in the harbour and take lovely photographs. Kinsale's beauty is more than just picturesque, it is so much that you just want to preserve it the way it is. The narrow, winding roads are lined with shops, lively bars, and restaurants. And the harbour itself is a natural beauty and the yachts filling the harbour are gems complementing its elegance. It would be lovely to stay here for a couple of days.

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