Castles in Ireland

Inside the ruins of the old Mallow Castle

There are thousands of castles in Ireland. Some of them would become beautiful ruins. Others become luxury hotels. And a few are home to the rich and elite. It would be wonderful to visit all of them and learn their history. But, it would probably take us a lifetime to see each of these commanding architectures.

The Jewels of Ireland

My motherland, the Philippines, is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches. I knew that I will be missing the powdery shores of my native land when I come to Ireland. Little did I know that the Emerald Isle also holds charms of its own.

There are awe-inspiring medieval castles in almost all of the counties and towns across Ireland. Just in the same fashion as there are fine seashores in almost every island in the Philippines. The romantic in me can’t wait to visit and explore each one of them, hopefully. This thread features the castles in Ireland that we’ve been to.

Castles are Grandiose Structures

These castles are formidable structures built as a stronghold of a land to protect its people against an invasion. Castles symbolise a strong history. They are a connection to the place that it is built upon. A castle is a cornucopia of fascinating artifacts, period pieces of furniture, triumphal arches, beautiful fireplaces, and decorative interiors.

Additionally, it is a wonderful idea to visit these awe-inspiring castles whilst there is still a chance. An opportunity for us to see, smell and experience this vestige of time. This is good for someone who has a keen interest in the field of genetics, anthropology, history, and culture. Also, this is perfect for someone who simply wants to experience the feeling of a different era.

History Preserved

Our rapidly changing world has a myriad of historically priceless sights. However, the idea of preserving places such as these castles is looking increasingly grim. Could it be because of natural changes? Progress? Or simply being forgotten?

Nevertheless, it is great to know though that there are people working to preserve these timeless jewels. Because it is such a disgrace to lose these treasures rich with cultural legacy. I could wax poetically about the beauty of these structures. But words are not enough to describe them. When you see them, the palpable richness of these jewels will leave you speechless.

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