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Sentosa, Singapore (Photo by unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt)

Our latest fun travels

We Travel Together Always

Like most people, we love to travel. My partner and I especially love going out together, our motto is traveling is best experienced with your loved one. However, we are no backpackers. Instead, we are the type who would like to book a lovely hotel, not really fancy and just enough for our budget.

We go out but we are not very adventurous. We may never try a trek in the steep mountains, like so. But we do try extraordinary things, nevertheless. Roller coaster rides, zip line, going camping, night safaris, these kinds are something we are into.

We Don't Travel and Spend in Excess

We started our adventure of traveling and exploring years ago when we were still dating. Most of these trips were nearby places in Cebu, as recommended by friends and featured in blogs. Tying the knot was the start of our adventure to faraway places. We were able to visit the beautiful city of Hong Kong and the lovely country of Singapore. However, we were not born rich and didn’t have good-paying jobs that can sustain our passion; thus, our trips were always on a tight budget. This made our adventures even more special, the anxious feeling of thinking about our budget all the time while still delighting on the wonders of this world is actually addictive in a way.

Lessons from Our Travels

I used to dread all the hassles of preparing before a travel – packing your bag, booking your flight, finding a place to stay, all these stressful details. In fact, I still do and more so now that I’m packing for four. But when we started traveling, the lessons and insights we gathered during these trips became a reason to think about the next adventure.

  • Going to a new place challenged and improved our communication skills. In Hong Kong, there aren’t too many people that can understand and speak English. We learned to use other ways to communicate, such as using the calculator when we haggle for prices in the night market.
  • It enhanced our tolerance of the unforeseen. Most things went wrong when we traveled, by experience. The pressure was enough to make us lose our minds, but being open-minded and flexible in these instances made us renew our focus and think about the best possible way to get out of a stressful situation.
  • We had a real-life education. Being exposed to different cultures and different kinds of people broadened our horizons. We became more understanding and unbiased, we are more appreciative of what we have while picking good things from others to apply to ourselves. We got to see the beauty of other places and gave us creative ideas for ourselves and for our home and community.
  • Lastly, it strengthened mine and my partner’s relationship. All our travels were never a walk in the clouds. They involved a lot of arguing and getting disappointed. It tested our trust and respect for each other. Through it all, we remained in love and that’s what it all matters. We became aware of our weaknesses and supported each other.

Our Family's Adventure

Now, we have two children and the youngest still being an infant. At this early age, we want them to travel to get valuable lessons like we did. We want to teach them how to become thrifty yet still being generous. Our kids will learn to appreciate when they witness all these amazing places. True enough, our darling princess always comes up with wonderful ideas that we can do in the future.

When we were conceptualizing this blog, our purpose is to share our experience. We do not brag about our adventure because, really, there is nothing fancy in all our travels. We only want to show how our simple travels become worthwhile because it is in the company of family.

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