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White sand beach in Panglao Bohol

If this is your first time, please read our post about our trip to Panglao Bohol.

Thank You and Welcome to Our World

I have always thought of getting my own website where I can share my family’s memorable experiences. It’s like a diary, online to keep up with the times, and public. I have created a blog site before via Blogspot but I wasn’t able to keep it updated.

I won’t say I have a knack for writing, but I do love to write. I keep all these fancy notebooks and journals and would just jot down anything that goes into my head. It wasn’t until my husband kept on prodding me to pursue it that I decided to actually give it some thought. The hubby knows some of the technical stuff about setting up the website and maintaining it. So finally, we have this –

We Are ET

How ET Came to Be

ET is just my husband’s initials. The story is that all of them in the family have the initials ET. When they got married and had children, they carried on the tradition. It’s kind of special, it’s like a brand. When I entered into hubby’s life and became family, I carried the brand as well.

Featuring – Panglao Bohol

Our first feature is about our trip to Panglao Bohol in 2016. When my husband went to Ireland to work, it took awhile for us to follow him there so he decided to come home for a short holiday in time for our daughter’s birthday in November.

The trip was a remedy to his longing to go to the beach. Bohol was our choice then because it’s near Cebu, and we haven’t been there together as a family.

Side Note:

You probably have something all planned already when you want to visit Panglao, but apart from going to the beach, there is more you can actually do. Here I list 5 things I love to do, extraordinary but not necessarily extreme, when in Alona beach.

How to Have Extra Fun in Alona Beach

I hope you enjoy reading our little adventure in Panglao. Contact us if you have comments or suggestions, or leave a comment here on the blog.

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