Our next feature is our trip to Bacolod City in 2015. It came to be when hubby needed to attend a job interview for an opportunity to work in Ireland.

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Tummies full in Bacolod City

When you’re in Bacolod City, you must not pass on the opportunity to try their mouth-watering desserts. When friends would visit Bacolod we would get these yummy treats as pasalubong – all of them very delicious. It was clear then what we would do/get once we got there.  Also, all the hype their chicken inasal is getting is all so true. It has a distinct taste that you won’t get anywhere else.

Their gloomy history

It is important to note the rich history of Bacolod, how they were once home to barons, and how they all lost it. But resilience is a unique trait to Filipinos, and Bacolodnons are no different.

We had fun, we were satiated, and most of all, hubby got the job. Bacolod city is hard to forget. We will come back, for sure, hopefully, sooner than later. We haven’t experienced MassKara and Panaad Festival yet.

Special mention

Special thanks to my friend Gino who gave us tips on what’s hot in Bacolod city. It saved us a lot of time googling, and all his suggestions were very good indeed. Well, he’s one proud Bacolodnon.

Shout out to Kuya Erwin, hubby’s brother, for all the help and support he gave us on this trip. He was the one who shared with us the good news that Ireland was hiring nurses, and referred us to his friend who owns a nursing agency.

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