Mallow Castle

Mallow Castle – Mallow, Co. Cork

Mallow Castle is one of the many National Monuments of Ireland. It stands on a large area of gardens and parkland. The castle sits in the urban area of Deerpark, Mallow in County Cork.

Two Castles and a Dragon

This 16th-century fortified house is overlooking the Blackwater River, one of the finest salmon fishing rivers in Ireland. Visitors are in for a treat as there are two building from which to choose, a 19th-century mansion and a 13th-century castle. There is also a huge stone dragon standing tall between the two buildings.

The dragon and the castle
A dragon made of stones stands between the two castles. Sit on this throne-like seat and capture your memory of Mallow castle.

The Castle and the grounds have been in the possession of Cork County Council since 2011. It has stood in Mallow for over 800 years. While it is now a ruin, tourists and locals interested in the area’s heritage and genealogy can still visit the site. The castle ground is home to a magnificent herd of white fallow deer, which, according to British Ireland Castles, are descended from the deer given to the Castle by Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Inside the ruins of the old Mallow Castle
Inside the ruins of the old Mallow Castle.

The Castle's Architecture

Mallow Castle is a three-level rectangular strong house with wings that project from the centre of the northern and southern walls. As you step inside the castle a sharp acrid odour emanating from around the walls will envelop you. However, you will be in awe of this architecture which is somehow preserved in the present. The castle is built in an early Jacobean style. It features high gables and large windows with mullioned square heads and gun loops in the turrets.

Mallow Castle
Mallow castle
The castle ruins behind us.

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Ross Castle - Co. Kerry

Ross Castle – Killarney, Co. Kerry

Ross Castle is the first castle I have ever been to (not counting Disneyland castle in Florida). The sheer span of this imposing structure perched on a majestic site overlooking the calm waters of the lake will simply take your breath away. The sound your feet makes against the small stones scattered all around the castle grounds gives a little taste of what life would have been like back then. Much of the original structure remains unscathed and walking around the castle allows you to imagine all the merriment of those who habituated the castle long ago.

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