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Family portrait
Family Portrait

We Are ET is a blog site that I authored. My name is Yasmin Tampus. My family consists of 2 doting kids, myself and my husband who manages the behind-the-scenes of this site.  I am self-employed. Between being a wife and a mother, I occupy myself with writing and working at home.

About We Are ET

I am about to share with you the fun and exciting adventures that I and my family will take. I will talk about travels and holidays, places and spots to go, food, events, celebrations, and what-have-yous.

ET is the initials of the names of my kids’ grandparents. Then the grandparents’ children use it and now, the grandchildren have the same initials.


However, We Are ET didn’t just come out of our minds. The realization of this blog site is a long and tedious process. You will learn more about it here.

Where to Begin

My first feature is about our lovely holiday to Bohol Philippines under Travels category. Alternately, you can click here to go to the page.

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